Hialeah, Florida, United States
Transportation Designer, Naval Architect and Engineer, Graphic Designer, and Web Developer

arielgutierrezThe ACA certifications allowed me to realize my dream of becoming a yacht designer. As a senior, Photoshop ACA helped me to be admitted to the College for Creative Studies for Transportation Design and MDC Honors College for Mechanical Engineering. The Dreamweaver ACA has permitted me to create eCommerce websites by working as a web developer. In the future, these certifications will allow me to obtain entry-level job positions as a Naval Architect.

I would totally recommend the ACA certification to a friend, co-worker, or any other person interested in obtaining a job in the design industry. It is essential for being employed in this field. For instance, without this certification it would be more difficult for graphic, web, or other designers to convince employers of their proficiency in Adobe programs. ACA certification is the key that opens many doors for creative people.


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