Seabrook, Texas, United States
Student at the University of Texas, Freelance Video Editor & Producer

Still-Image_Gone-to-Texas-2_for-Adobe-copyAn ACA certification is like grabbing the skeleton key to a seemingly endless number of doors. My ACA certifications have not only brought me a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, but have helped me attain a paid internship at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in the Television Production department as an assistant producer and editor. I have also been an assistant editor for the Longhorn Network, an ESPN affiliate for the University of Texas in Austin. My ACA certification will continue to provide a stable foothold for my future career.

An ACA certification offers great benefits and is impressive in itself, a true milestone for anyone passionate about their work. The feeling of immense pride in joining the ranks of those who strive to be better each and every day, that’s worth more than can be put into words. I believe people should work to experience that feeling for themselves and the first step is aiming for an ACA certification. It’s never too late to start learning.


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