Orlando, Florida, United States
Student at Lake Nona High School


I plan to become a digital designer in the future. With that future growing closer every day, I knew I needed to start taking some steps toward my dream. Certifying myself in Adobe Photoshop hasn’t been used yet in my life, but I know I will be needing it in the near future… the VERY near future. I am reassured to know that I’m certified, though, because if I am needed for anything I can help whilst having a certification to be proud of.

Of course I recommend ACA certification! I enjoyed taking the test because I knew I was going to pass. Why? Because ACA certification gives you the chance to take practice tests! I love being certified because when I work, I can sit and think, “I’m certified to do this.” It gives me a sense of professionalism and makes me feel important. I 100% recommend ACA certification to anyone who wants to be awesome!

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