Bradenton, Florida, United States
Student in College & Social Media Marketing Specialist

7mo6ICVUACA certifications have helped me immensely! When I was in high school I challenged myself to get as many industry certifications as possible. My ACA certifications are very strong assets on my resume and online portfolio, making me stick out from others in my field. Becoming ACA certified opened countless doors for me. I am now very valuable in the workplace. The ACA certifications essentially secure trust between a employer/client and the worker.

I recommend ACA certifications to everyone, especially students that are still in high school or looking for jobs. I found jobs straight out of high school with ACA certifications. Now I have a full time job as a full time student in college. People have the opportunity to rise above everyone else with ACA certifications. I believe if more people knew the power of these certifications, there would be so many more folks working to get them.

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