Orlando, Florida, United States
Video Editor

0U1A1011My ACA certification has helped me a lot throughout my career. I realized that a lot of amateurs are using Final cut X to edit their videos. I wanted to use something more professional that would make me stand out more when I’m looking for a job. Adobe Premiere Pro did just that. It is a more professional software to use. As a bilingual student, it was very easy to learn and understand. Now I’m able to use my certification in my community.

Yes, I would definitely recommend ACA certification to a friend. Based on my experience, it is worth being certified. We have more employers looking for editors that are capable of using Adobe Premiere Pro than Final cut. Your certification shows that you are a hard worker. It shows that you have patience to learn and master a software enough to be certified. If you are looking for good job in the digital video field, your ACA certification will help.


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