Natick, Massachusetts, United States

coverI am a teacher at Natick High School in Natick, MA. I teach Introduction to Web Design, Adv. Web Design I and Adv. Web Design II. At the end of the Adv. Web Design II level course students take the Dreamweaver CS6 ACA exam. So far I have had a 100% pass rating. I also teach iPad Publishing which focuses on the Digital Publishing Suite. In the near future I hope to add the InDesign ACA exam into the course.

Yes, I recommend the ACA certification! Please watch the following video to hear about the success at Natick High School in regards to the Dreamweaver CS6 ACA Exam. In the video you will hear from myself (the teacher), as well as two students who passed the Dreamweaver CS6 ACA exam. Student work can be seen at

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