Orlando, Florida, United States
CCHS Class of 2014

avatars-000039977614-65q48r-cropI can personally say that my ACA certification has built a great deal of confidence and hope in my educational endeavor. The ability I have in saying I can graduate from high school with industry certifications, makes pursuing a career in Game Designing and Developing sound like more than a dream. With my ACA certification, I feel I can now enter the workforce with more than just an imagination, but also the skills to fuel my success.

I have and will continue to recommend ACA certification to my colleagues, not just for the mere sake of receiving a certification, but to construct a greater morality and work ethic. Furthermore, I haven’t found any online learning environment as constructive as the one I found in ACA certifications. Beyond ACA, I doubt one could find an environment better suited for utilizing & training with industry tools the way ACA certifications can.

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