St. Augustine, Florida, United States
Student at Pedro Menendez High School

IMG_1775The ACA certification has helped me to affirm where my strengths lie, and to work on points where I am weakest. Therefore, I can complete projects with confidence in my abilities and end with an image as close as possible to what I saw in my mind’s eye. Potential clients and coworkers, with the knowledge that I have passed, can rest easy in the future knowing that at least a certain degree of professionalism has been obtained or surpassed.

I would absolutely recommend the ACA certification. If you’re trying to master any of the programs offered, then the exam is a solid way of letting you and others know whether you’re up to scratch. This is especially important if you plan to make a career out of these skills – Being certified by a standardized test such as this will almost certainly carry weight in a professional atmosphere.

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