Miaoli, Taiwan
Student at Yu Da University, Taiwan

在2014IMG_1628年我拿到了ACA World Championship 的第六名殊榮後,這在我的人生立下了一個新的里程碑。

是的, 我會向我的同儕或相關領域的好友推薦ACA certification, 因為這項認證能夠有效的為他們提供更優質的工作機會。


In 2014, I qualified for the ACA World Championship after winning sixth place in the Taiwan competition. It was great to have achieved this milestone in my life.

In the past two years, I participated in the competition to expand my international perspective and I have also done a lot of creative and exciting things in my college career. For example, we are involved in Taiwan’s third-fifth exhibition planning of a new generation of main visual design. This includes all print and the surrounding production for the project. This is my first time to perform application integration design projects and it brings a great sense of accomplishment for me. In the future I will have even more enthusiasm for creative design.

I recommend ACA certification to my peers and related field friends, because this certification can effectively provide better job opportunities for them.

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