Post Falls, Idaho, United States
Graduate of Full Sail University, Business Owner

10441933_10203785411823415_3470494459462274700_nGetting my ACA certification has made all the difference in my education and my career! Because I was trained early on, I was able to attend Full Sail University with confidence. I received my BS in Digital Art and Design. It was a dream come true attending that college and it wouldn’t have been possible without dedication and a natural talent that came with being trained through ACA certification. I’m currently starting my own business.

I definitely recommend ACA certification. It pushes your knowledge and encourages you to really learn the program. It’s not only beneficial for your mental toolkit, but also for getting into a great school. Universities want to see you are competent and getting certified in a program definitely gives that impression! My business involves so many different aspects, a lot of which deal in Photoshop. It’s no question how necessary it is.

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